Резервации и настаняване


Двойна стая - 69.00лв;
Тройна стая - 90.00лв;
Апартамент - 89.00лв;
Вип апартамент - 119.00лв; 

Цените са с включена закуска.


Малки деца и допълнителни легла.
Деца над 4 г. настанени на допълнително легло в апартамент  доплащат 15 лв. на ден + закуска.
Възрастен на допълнително легло в апартамент доплаща 25 лв. на ден + закуска.


При направена резервация се изисква 50% авансово плащане по банков път в три дневен срок. При отказ на резервация в по малко от десет дневен срок, авансовото плащане не се възстановява.
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Телефони за контакти и резервации

+359 887 234 444;


+359 888 488 831;


+359 885 400 155;

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  • Cosmetic surgery can improve how you appear and, because of this, truly feel. Though cosmetic plastic surgery provides fantastic final results, the choice to have surgical treatment is not one to be made casually. This short article will provide you with beneficial surgical treatment tips that, will assist ensure that you get great is a result of your surgical procedures.

    You will probably have to remove hair before the procedure ask your physician what method is finest. Usually, waxing is the perfect remedy, however, you could possibly shave if you do not have plenty of hairs. Your surgeon should be able to advise the more effective approach and the very best goods.

    When you're thinking about surgical treatment, you want to make sure that you choose wisely. You don't wish to pick the lowest priced cosmetic surgeon based upon that by yourself. You would like to have a look at qualifications. Look for reviews and the like. Be sure to create a well-educated choice when, you're deciding on a physician.

    Find out when your physician is skilled. When thinking about surgical treatment, you want to make sure that the doctor you might be utilizing is competent. Check on the internet reviews. Make contact with the health care table. In the event the doctor is table-certified, and get about any problems. Examining the operating specialist out now can save you a lot of suffering later on.

    To ensure you obtain a good physician, check with where by your surgeon has medical facility liberties. A lot of doctors exercise from outpatient treatment centers rather than medical facilities. Hospital privileges can still aid prospective individuals determine the surgeon's references. Hospitals can do background checks up against the surgeon's accreditations, and negligence history. Physicians without healthcare facility privileges need to have a good outline with this shortage.

    Should you be looking exclusively at getting a nose area job, you have an exciting alternative available to you- if you are brave! India will be the mecca of rhinplasty, it has been for many years. Many people are put off by this choice due to the range. There are numerous good quality doctors, who charge a lot less than the us.

    When it comes to plastic surgery, ensure that you prepare a long list of concerns prior to visiting a specialist. This is important since not only can they value that you are currently geared up, but this really is a wonderful way to make sure that any, as well as the questions you have is going to be clarified.

    Check out the medical center to ensure that, it provides the correct licensing where you live. The proper certification promises, how the center experiences typical inspections. These criteria decrease the danger of post-operative infection, as well as other difficulties. In case the premises lacks the right certifications, possess the method done in other places.

    At the time of your own plastic procedure, wear comfy garments for the medical facility or doctor's office. You may be likely to be extremely painful in case you have your method completed and the final thing you want to do is make an effort to press into limited apparel. Instead of denim jeans and a limited tee shirt, put on sweating jeans as well as a free tank top rated.

    Discover through your doctor, that will be administering the anesthesia. It can sometimes come from the operating specialist, a exclusively-trained health professional dependant upon the complexness in the method, or even an anesthesiologist. You have the directly to require a next particular person administer the anesthesia like a safety measure, but it will likely amount to more.

    Be realistic within your objectives. Surgical procedures can change your physical aspect, but there are boundaries to the effects. As an example, if you would like surgical procedures as you are afflicted by reduced self confidence, maybe you are planning to keep having low self worth, even after your surgical treatment. You might want to take into account guidance, before deciding on surgery.

    When planning a cosmetic plastic surgery treatment, be sure to do your research. Understand all the risks engaged. It is up to one to be fully educated as to what will take place, or could occur with any surgical treatment. It can be your body, and you happen to be just one responsible for it.

    There are hazards that come with having plastic surgery because there are with other types of surgical procedure. These hazards consist of sedation complications, bloodstream decrease, desire, thrombus, disease, sutures arriving loose and incorrect recovery. Before you decide to go through any beauty methods, ensure that you completely understand all the risks linked to it.

    Do the maximum amount of study since you can well before talking with a doctor about the method you would like. Locate the maximum amount of information and facts as is possible about surgical procdures. Furthermore, it may be helpful to go over the surgical treatment that you are currently thinking of getting with a person who has already established the same method.

    As was described towards the top of this informative article, cosmetic surgery can do much to increase your visual appeal. Experiencing greater about the way you look after having a plastic process could, boost each on your own-self-confidence and confidence. Utilize the recommendations included in this article to guarantee, that you receive good quality cosmetic surgery, that one could feel better about.

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